USS Unification
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Arriving/Getting to work

Posted on Sun Feb 8th, 2015 @ 4:36pm by Lieutenant Callum O'Shannon & Ensign Jason Rice

Mission: Episode 4 - Parallels
Location: Various
Timeline: Two weeks before current mission & same day as current mission

It was a small shuttle designed for clandestine missions not family transport, but Callum tucked his two children in their carriers securely in the two co pilot seats located one step up just behind the central pilots seat. Thankfully they had slept most of the flight.

+Blackbird to Unification.+

+Unification here. We were expecting you. Identify yourself,” the ensign on the comm at this hour responded.

+This is Lt. O’Shannon your new Chief of Intel. Permission to dock.+

+Permission granted,+ the young officer replied. +Welcome sir. Unification out.+

Five minutes later Callum docked with the unification and carefully picked up his sleeping daughter in his arms and his son in his travel basket.

“Ensign Rice sir, welcome to the Unification,” the ensign said as Callum exited the ship.

“Can you get someone to bring my bags.”

“Yes sir, I’ll get them,” he said stepping into the shuttle and exciting with the two bags. “Follow me sir. I’ll take you to your quarters.”

“Great. Did the furniture I requested get placed in my quarters?” Callum asked as they made their way down the hall.

“Yes sir. I was set up just as you requested. The ensign stopped at a door, tapped the control panel and motioned Callum into the room.

Callum entered and saw a small sitting area to his right with an arched couch, coffee table and an arm chair. Just behind the couch was a replicator bay in the wall and the shelving he had sent ahead was set up to the left of the replicator bay. There were two windows in the wall opposite the door with structural beam bisecting them. Under the window to Callum’s left was his bed and set up under the window to the right of his bed was two dark wood cribs. One with blue and white decor and the other with yellow and white. Hanging over the side of each was a white baby blanket with the child's initials embroidered in the same color.

“Just put those by the door. I’ll see you at 0800 for the department meeting,” he said watching the ensign.

“Ahh, yes sir,” Jason said sitting the two bags on the floor as instructed.

“Computer secure door and set chime to minimum volume. Reduce lights to 30%.” Carefully he sat Rafferty’s basket on the floor and carefully tucked his daughter Madigan into her bed. The he took her blanket with the yellow monogram and made sure she was warm. INstantly she rolled over and wrapped her arms around her bear that was waiting for her return. Next he lifted baby Rafferty from his basket, changed his diaper, and tucked him into his bed.

“Computer large glass of water, room temp.” Taking his glass of water from the replicator, he picked up his bags and tossed them on his bed. quickly he unpacked his gear and the kids items. After a shower he, slid into his new bed and felt his muscles relax after a long day of travel. “Computer set alarm for 0600.”

“Alarm set.”

“Lights out.”

Time Index: 0730 the next morning

Callum entered the Intel office with a mug in one hand and a PADD in the other. After the usual early morning craziness, Callum had the children settled into their new home and the virtual nanny Sally up and running. He had bought a small portable holo emitter from a Frengi trader on his last mission and programed it to take care of the children. He kept it on the top shelf in his quarters and it was just the right size to transmit her around the room. It couldn’t go into the bathroom, but the kids were small enough to take a bath in a wash basin on the table.The great thing was it had it’s own power source so it didn’t drain ships resources and worked even in a power outage. He also had a monitor in the band on his wrist so he could hear if there was an emergency or be contacted immediately by a pulse it emitted if he was needed. Next he entered his small, but adequate office. He reviewed the Intel personnel roster and finalized his assignments before the staff meeting.

Timeline: Day 1 - 1225

Callum sat on the bridge near the captain and monitored the activity going on carefully evaluating everything for possible use in any future Intel activities. He could hear the aggravation in the captains voice and filed it away in his memory since he was still learning the captains moods.


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